MetalRite Rust Remover

A double strength rust remover that cleans, de-rusts and phosphates metal. It can be used on all metal articles, roofs, fences, gates, burglar bars, handrails, structural steel, outdoor structures etc.

MetalRite Galvanized Iron Cleaner

Is the most effective way to prepare galvanized iron for painting. It removes the fat/oily layer on galvanizing and forms a substrateon which paint will successfully adhere.

MetalRite Anti-Rust Primer MR100

A high-performance, anti-rust, metal etch primer. It’s formulated with anti-corrosive zinc phosphate pigments that prevents the development of rust. Suitable for use on new and rusted metal surfaces.

MetalRite Coast Prime MR200

Is an anti-corrosive acid etch primer for all new & weathered mild steel, galvanized iron, chromadek, aluzinc & IBR.  

MetalRite Top Coat MR600

Is a water based, polyurethane acrylic enamel paint for metal. It combines the toughness and strength of polyurethanes with the excellent water resistance of acrylic, forming a long-lastig hard finish. 

MetalRite 2 in 1 QD Enamel, Topcoat & Primer

Is a superior-quality, quick-drying enamel paint. It is extremely durable and ideal for application on palisade fencing, garden furniture, general metal work, metal gates, steel structures, etc.

MetalRite TTT Truck, Trailer & Tractor

It is extremely durable and ideal for application on general metal and iron work. It is ideal for a fnishing coat on trucks, trailers, tractors and farm implements.

MetalRite Hammered MR700

Is a high solid direct to metal, 3 in 1 undercoat, primer and top coat all in one product. Provides a hammered tone finish with maximum rust protection.

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